X-Current provides dedicated and professional coaching services for our NCC cadets. Besides learning kayaking and dragonboating techniques, coaches from X-Current also place emphasis on character development of my students. They are able to motivate my cadets to excel beyond their potential and also reiterate the importance of resilience and teamwork. I certainly look forward to more collaboration with X- next year!

Ms Wong
NCC Sea Co, Maris Stella High School

The students did enjoy themselves during the Dragonboat activity. Thank you for helping us to ensure that the activity can be carried out smoothly and safely. I look forward to working with you and your company again.

Sengkang Sec Sch

Overall, i thought the programme was pretty well run. The students were all briefed about the basics before getting hands-on in the water. We met our main objective of getting everyone exposed to kayaking and they definitely enjoyed themselves.

Kelvin G F KOH
Lecturer, Physical Education
ITE College West

As usual, I am very happy with the coaching offered by X-current instructors. They are patient and professional in their approach, and my scouts benefitted tremendously from their expertise and professionalism.

Yuen Kah Mun
Raffles Institution

Thank you for successfully completing the course for Nanyang Outdoor Activities Club. I appreciate your effort in ensuring the safety of the students and was very impressed by the professionalism shown in how you offered new dates in order to allow our students to learn better.

Sherilyn Tan
Nanyang JC